This program is wonderful! My students love all the projects, books and activities. Each unit provides so many opportunities for deep discussions. They use the language that each unit teaches and it is at their level of understanding. I will be using this every year to promote a Kindness Classroom... it has made a world of difference so far!
Tracy F.
This is THE GOLD STANDARD! I am obsessed with these activities and lessons. My kids love it and I love it. It has helped me be more positive and focus on learning opportunities instead of getting frustrated at behavior!
Kelsey J.
These are SO EASY to use and prep for. I read the teacher scripts each morning and we have the best talks together. I have all of these social skills programs because they all have something unique to offer! My students love the stories and discussions, and I can see the lessons transfer into daily classroom life. Thank you!!!!!!!
Anna M.

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